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So finished writing my first #powerpoint presentation ever. Powerpoint crashed only two times, two times I had to close it to find my way back to some state that I at least a little bit recognize and the outcome is rather weird looking. Kinda strange experience after writing presentations in #LaTeX and later in #Asciidoc , using something unintuitive and user unfriendly...
#akademy was great :-)
Bruno Friedmann
An abstract of running an +openSUSE booth during +The KDE Community #akademy2014 at Brno.

Enjoy & have fun!

openSUSE booth Akademy2014 by Bruno Friedmann on YouTube
Don't understand a world, but the name sounds great and promisses a lot :-D
Team MariaDB will be attending the SUSEtoberfest in Helsinki, Finland on Thursday September 25, starting at noon. Come share a beer with us! For the schedule and registration please visit:
Etusivu - on Sivuviidakko

Vuoden tärkein Linux-tapahtuma SUSEtoberfest tulee taas! Tänä vuonna luodaan katsaus kaikkein vaativimmissa ympäristöissä toimivien Linux-ratkaisujen tulevaisuuteen ja Linux-ympäristöjen hallintaan. Esillä on siis hienoja Linux-toteutuksia, SUSE-kehityksen suuntaviivoja sekä tietysti vuoden 2014 ...
Conferences are about meeting and talking to each other, as seen at #kde   #akademy
Conferences are about meeting and talking to each other, as seen at #akademy
First thing that you'll see whe you enter #kde #akademy building - +openSUSE poster :-) Cool!
First thing that you'll see whe you enter #kde #akademy building - +openSUSE poster :-) Cool!
Interested in #messaging ? There is going to be an interesting event in #Prague in two weeks... Come to learn more about #ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ opensource training on Eventle

Další ročník konference LinuxDays je za dveřmi.
Doufáme, že se nám podaří nasbírat hromady zajímavých přednášek. Takže jestli máte nějaký zajímavý nápad na přednášku rozhodně se přidejte do CFP.
Program – LinuxDays: linuxové dny od lidí pro lidi


What'd been going on with +openSUSE Factory? Getting better and better everyday :-)
Andrew Wafaa
Do you like the colour green? Do you like cute reptiles? Do you like having the latest and greatest software? If so, then you should use +openSUSE Factory! The "new" rolling release from the #openSUSE community.
Factory moves to Rolling Release Development Model by ancorgs on Opensuse


openSUSE News Blog
Congratz to +Richard Brown !!!
And adding the link ;-)
Andrew Wafaa
It's time for +openSUSE to say au revoir et bon chance to +Vincent Untz who is stepping down as Chairman of the #openSUSE  Board (but remaining very much involved with the project); but also Tally Ho and jolly good show to +Richard Brown who is stepping into the role. 
Now with much better integration with #Android apps :-)
Check out the #Jolla   #SailfishOS  summer release: switch effortlessly between open Android apps, add web shortcuts to the launcher, plus many more improvements and features, including a new tutorial!

Release notes:

If you are looking for a neww cool cellphone, this one just got discounted ;-)
Here you go, #Jolla’s new price is €349! Get yours at
If you already have one, share the love!
Here you go, #Jolla’s new price is €349! Get yours at you already have one, share the love!
Looks like time has come to do this #Jolla
[root@misijolla~]# btrfs balance start /
Cool move by +MariaDB !!!

MariaDB moves development to Github by rasmus on Mariadb


Home; About. About MariaDB · About the MariaDB Foundation · MariaDB Foundation Supporters · Downloads · Blog · Documentation · Knowledgebase · Reporting Problems · Release Notes · Changelogs. Resources. Repository Configuration Tool · Explain Analyzer · Feedback Plugin · MariaDB Badges ...
How home office office can look like :-D
Knihovna Chrášťany
- domácí pracovny.....a vítězem se stává:
- 16 Home Offices You Wish You Could Use As A Write Off This Year...
- via:

Some telecommuters need a way to separate their workspace from their home space and while a chunk of an old Hungarian bus isn’t going to work for everyone, it’s certainly a great way to make a distinction between where you work and where you play.
... show more
Not a good move :-(
Martin Holec
#Facebook deprecates #XMPP/#Jabber API! Only way to use chat will be official Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp
Chat API on Facebook


You can integrate Facebook Chat into your Web-based, desktop, or mobile instant messaging products. Your instant messaging client connects to Facebook Chat via the Jabber/XMPP service. This document...
Cool, but scary at the same time. Pressure sensitive roadway with internet connection can track me from my home to everywhere and report whenever I'm speeding :-/

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways! by Scott Brusaw on YouTube
Next +Jolla update will have official CalDav support => official synchronization with +ownCloud (at least for calendar events, CardDav still to come :( )

PS: Yes, I know about unofficial ways, but having it integrated for everybody is much cooler ;-)

Next Sailfish OS Update in Early June. Update 6 & 7 Combined by Sepehr James Noori on Jollausers


A while ago we were promised the update 6 being released in May and update 7 being released in June. A few days back we received some information about
Thank you all for all the wishes!!!
Future of +openSUSE :-)
Have you heard about future of +openSUSE Factory with a help from #openQA ? Not yet? Read on, it is really bright!!!
Echoes from oSC'14: state of Factory and openQA by calumma on Opensuse


openSUSE News Blog
Want to work as a really cool hacker? Join +SUSE we have a really cool position open ;-)
Vlastimil Babka
Wanted: Linux Kernel Live Code Patching Developer @ SUSE, Prague
Careers at NetIQ | Systems & Security Management Solutions on Silkroad

Linux Kernel Live Code Patching Developer develops and maintains Linux Kernel infrastructure for self-modifying code in kernel of SUSE Linux Enterprise products and works on merging the implementation upstream. He is also responsible for preparati...
hh, know some of the feelings described :-)

Programming Sucks on Stilldrinking


Every friend I have with a job that involves picking up something heavier than a laptop more than twice a week eventually finds a way to slip something like this into conversation: "Bro,1 you don't work hard. I just worked a 4700-hour week digging a tunnel under Mordor with a screwdriver." ...
Recorded talks from +openSUSE Conference are all online now!!!
#osc14 is over :-( But we can start looking forward to #osc15 :-) In the meantime, all videos are uploaded, so you can watch the recorded talks! Try them while they are still fresh ;-)

openSUSE Conference 2014 - YouTube on YouTube


from Dubrovnik, city of Freedom (April 24 - 28th, 2014)
If you don't have time right now to watch #osc14 live, you can watch recorded sessions later ;-)

openSUSE Conference 2014 - YouTube on YouTube


Najbolje na usluzi YouTube. Minijatura Popularno na usluzi YouTube · Minijatura Glazba · Minijatura Sportovi · Minijatura Igre · Pregledavanje kanala. Prijavite se odmah kako biste mogli pregledati svoje kanale i preporuke! Prijava. Ikona upozorenja. Zatvori. Podesili smo vašu postavku jezika.
+Andrew Wafaa speaking about +ARM on +openSUSE Conference
+Andrew Wafaa speaking about +ARM on +openSUSE Conference
Marcel Kühlhorn
Watch #oSC14 live on Bambuser
opensusetv | Bambuser on Bambuser


Live broadcasts by opensusetv on
Martin Caj was tagged in Michal Hrušecký's album.
Added photos to openSUSE Conference 2014, Dubrovnik, Croatia .
On Zagreb airport, waiting for the plane to Dubrovnik - on my way to #osc14
Cool!!! :-)

70s Terminal PC by alpinedelta on Instructables


This is a computer which i designed and constructed to look like a 1970s data terminal. The case is built from 1/4 hardboard (similar to MDF), and p...
Nice and useful website :-)

Check if your private key is secure? on Privatekeycheck

Is my private key secure? Paste it here for a check. Over 9000 keys checked! Solinor Oy 2014.
What is new in +openSUSE and #openQA ? Read on...
Are you interested in current state of +openSUSE Factory? Check what is going on with #openQA , there are some new and cool features since you looked the last time ;-)
The new generation of openQA hits the production server by ancorgs on Opensuse


openSUSE News Blog
Did you know that there is a feedback plugin in +MariaDB ? If not, you should find out that there is one and turn it on :-)

Michal Hrušecký by Michal Hrušecký on Hrusecky


I was browsing around the Internet (don't remember what for) and I accidentally found one cool aspect of MariaDB. There is a feedback plugin and this short post is meant to encourage you to use it! Ok, so what it does and why should you opt-in to be spied on :-) It takes some information about ...
Sounds like a good idea :-)

TN state departments asked to switch over to open source software on Thehindu


GO advises departments to make BOSS Linux a mandatory OS
One more about +systemd 

Re: [RFC PATCH] cmdline: Hide "debug" from /proc/cmdline on Iu

Re: [RFC PATCH] cmdline: Hide "debug" from /proc/cmdline. From: Linus Torvalds Date: Wed Apr 02 2014 - 14:57:54 EST. Next message: John Stultz: "Re: [PATCH 0/5] Volatile Ranges (v12) & LSF-MM discussion fodder"; Previous message: Richard Guy Briggs: "oraphaned keywords in audit log text [was: ...
Yet another fun note about +systemd 
Jan Šembera
If I had to name one and only one thing I dislike the most about the whole systemd ecosystem, it would be this - attitude.

Instead of admitting they made a mistake and quickly fix it (it's not like it's hard), they will make a stand that the rest of the world has to adapt.

Bug 76935 - Do not parse "debug" command line parameter on Freedesktop

Supplying "debug" on the kernel command line gets parsed by systemd. If a random assertion in it fires, something like this, for example: [ 150.308000] systemd-journald[1559]: Assertion 'dual_timestamp_is_set(&e->timestamp)' failed at src/libsystemd/sd-event/sd-event.c:2191, ...
(cs) Letos vyjde kniha o +LibreOffice v cestine!!!

Píšu knihu o LibreOffice Writer, vyjde letos by Zobrazit všechny příspěvky, jejichž autorem je Vlastimil Ott → on E-ott

Na začátku roku 2014 jsem na blogu vydal článek, kde oznamuji záměr vydat knihu věnovanou LibreOffice. Vedly mě k tomu dvě věci – jednak...
If you are really serious about your spreadsheets, you need this computer ;-) And off course, it runs +SUSE and +LibreOffice 

From SGI® UV™ to the Google Glass® by SGI on YouTube
Actually Timer stuff sounds interesting... For those who are not familiar with systemd, yes it has cron inside apart from many other things.
Cristian Rodriguez #systemd  new release!
[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd 212 on Freedesktop

[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE]systemd 212. Kay Sievers kay at Tue Mar 25 16:28:59 PDT 2014. Previous message: [systemd-devel] System locale not set in tty; Next message: [systemd-devel] Topics for the Linux Storage, Filesystem & MM Summit; Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] ...
Little blog post about applications I wrote for my +Jolla 

Michal Hrušecký by Michal Hrušecký on Hrusecky


One of the things, that I really like about Jolla is the technology to write applications. C++ is my favorite programing language and I always admired Qt. At least big parts of it. So when I got my Jolla, I started playing with SDK and writing some simple applications. It was kinda harder than I ...
Do you hate +systemd ? Are you afraid that it will take over the world? Do you want to live in world that has alternative init? Are you university student? Join +Google Summer of Code and contribute to +Gentoo by improving #OpenRC ! Still living, kicking and viable alternative to systemd! You can get paid to fight against systemd!!!

[url=]Google Summer of Code/2014/Ideas - Gentoo Wiki[/url]


Want to spend your summer contributing full-time to Gentoo, and get paid for it? Gentoo is in its 9th year in the Google Summer of Code. In the past, most of our successful students have become Gentoo developers, so your chances of becoming one are very good if you're accepted into this program.
If you are a student, you have a great opportunity. I know that +openSUSE has some interesting projects together with +ownCloud, +Gentoo has interesting projects and +MariaDB as well.
Google Summer of Code
Just about two days left to submit your student proposal for this year's Google Summer of Code. Have you submitted yours yet?
I used to be lost in Python while developing osc plugin, now I'm even more lost in Perl in openQA :-) Gives me new perspective on getting lost :-)
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