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So +Google started adding events to my calendar based on e-mails I receive. Not sure if I like it, but I have a different issue with it. It added event openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015 - Speaker Registration on Thu 2015-12-03 at 17:00 which is something I'm unable to find in e-mail I got (made me reread it multiple times). So either there is a bug in parsing the data or Google knows about my future way more than I do :-D I think it's the first, but given the amount of data they have it easily can be the second :-D

PS: Gonna ask organizers, but still funny/scary ;-)
Paris is being used to justify agendas that had nothing to do with the attack | Trevor Timm


The Paris attackers weren’t Syrian, and they didn’t use encryption, but the US government is still using the carnage to justify attempts to ban them both
Jen pro pripomenuti ;-)
Michal Hrušecký
Prijdte oslavit zrozeni noveho openSUSE na Leap 42.1 Release party
Richard Brown
Did you know +openSUSE Tumbleweed ships by default on the ARM development hardware produced by SoftIron? 


The Overdrive 3000 combines the hardware and software needed to generate portable code and test it in a production environment. Having an enterprise class development system will allow developers to take their code base to the next level and make the ARM ecosystem thrive.The Softlron Overdrive 3000 is an ARM developer system ...
Swapnil Bhartiya
Yay openSUSE Leap released at #SUSECON15  

openSUSE Leap and SUSE Linux Enterprise  will have a chemistry similar to that of two galaxies circling each other and exchanging matter. SLE and Leap will have an interesting upstream and downstream role (I interviewed SUSE and openSUSE teams at SUSECon and will do a detailed story on this chemistry next week), where they will take code from each other. 
Watch out CentOS, Ubuntu here comes openSUSE Leap


openSUSE announces Leap 42.1.
New +openSUSE is here!
Richard Brown
It's LIVE! +openSUSE​ Leap 42.1 is RELEASED!
The makers' choice for sysadmins, developers and desktop users.


Discover Tumbleweed and get the newest Linux packages with our rolling release. Fast! Integrated! Stabilized! Tested!. Discover Leap and get the most complete Linux distribution with openSUSE’s latest regular-release version!
The +SUSE Chameleon perched high atop the +IBM LinuxONE.  #SUSECon 

The +SUSE Chameleon perched high atop the +IBM LinuxONE.  #SUSECon 
Tired of a brown desktop, try a green one. Get #openSUSELeap now at or
The makers' choice for sysadmins, developers and desktop users.

Discover Tumbleweed and get the newest Linux packages with our rolling release. Fast! Integrated! Stabilized! Tested!. Discover Leap and get the most complete Linux distribution with openSUSE’s latest regular-release version!
Prijdte oslavit zrozeni noveho openSUSE na Leap 42.1 Release party
Safer world is getting closer!

Let's Encrypt is Trusted

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). ISRG is a California public benefit corporation, and is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Hans de Raad
Just set up the Community​ booth at #LinuxDays Prague! I've got the pleasure of giving a workshop on how to setup your own secure and private groupware and office intranet environment based on the brand new #Univention #Kolab appliance VM image and about the importance of using open source tools to build scalable, privacy respecting websites, an issue which became even more important since the EU high court just ditched Safe Harbour. If you're in town, come have a talk and/or a drink!


I've been playing with +ownCloud +openSUSE +ARM and my old TV :-)

Michal Hrušecký » Introducing OCTV – ownCloud + ARM + old TV


Do you remember my post about how Raspberry Pi revived my old TV? This is partially continuation of that post but also something new. Lets start with recap of what I did almost a year ago. I connected my Raspberry Pi to old CRT TV, installed video player and hacked together few CGI scripts to ...
"If you need debuggers, you're doing it wrong."

Ten Habits of a Good Programmer -


Good programmers are born and then made. You need talent and passion, and you need experience. I was lucky to learn from the best, and have lots of opportunity to practice. I'm going to summarize ten of the top habits I've always applied to my work. Cause or correlation? You tell me.
So did hell froze already?

Microsoft has developed its own Linux. Repeat. Microsoft has developed its own Linux


Redmond reveals Azure Cloud Switch, its in-house software-defined networking OS
"Every feature you do not add today is a win."

Sounds like a good plan :-)

Ten Rules for Good API Design -


Every software developer uses APIs and most of us make them. The design of a "good" API is a black art. You know one when you see one. And yet how many of us could explain why some APIs are complex and hard to learn, while others are clean, simple, and a joy to use. It's a question I'll answer ...
Too bad it took them so long and killed +Nokia smartphones in the progress, but luckilly, we got +Jolla out of it :-)

Microsoft Thinks the Smartphone Is Over. It’s Wrong

Už jste vybrali přednášky pro letošní ročník? Pokud ne, tak hlasujte! Máte možnost se podílet na tvorbě programu.
LinuxDays: konference od lidí pro lidi


Konference o Linuxu, open-source a vším, co s tím souvisí. Koná se každoročně v pražských Dejvicíc na půdě FIT ČVUT v Praze.
So I'm thinking about using multiple computers again. But I hit a problem pretty soon. I use everywhere just +Mozilla Firefox and I would like to use my own server for synchronization. Found out that +ownCloud already supports at least some version of the new protocol, but setting it up in #Firefox is #pitta . To use my own server for synchronization I really have to go through about:config? How does it come that after few years situation is worse than last time I tried it? Yep, I read reasons #Mozilla had for developing such a complicated setup, but I know it doesn't make sense in my use case and doubt there is more of those complicated users than simple users like me.

So apart from rant, real question, what do you use? Currently I'm intrigued to try some third party plugins for synchronization, I vaguely remember that some of them supported FTP/WebDAV...
Pojďte ovlivnit podobu letošní konference LinuxDays
Spuštěno CfP pro konferenci LinuxDays 2015


Můžete organizátorům konference LinuxDays 2015 nabídnout prezentaci svého projektu nebo navrhnout zajímavé téma.
Greg Kroah-Hartman
"docker" functionality implemented in 100 lines of bash, very nice hack.  Shows just how powerful btrfs is, along with the 'ip' tool.

bocker - Docker implemented in 100 lines of bash
Jos Poortvliet
Unbelievable. #infosec folks have been warning against this for YEARS. They said: separate infotainment from steering/breaks etc. Do not implement wireless control over this. Have good security measures. This can kill people. It can turn cars into weapons.

And here is a car you can control over the internet - COMPLETELY. From CD player to brakes - thousands of Jeeps can be turned into remote murder weapons, for both the people in them and those around them.

EVERY Jeep Cherokee should be immediately grounded. And let them pay a 500 million fine - just to ensure no car maker tries to save 5 bucks on a 50K car by not separating driving from the fscking entertainment system!!!

Or are we going to wait until a few people are killed? Or for a cyber war where cars are used to take down bridges by driving into them?
Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It

Hmmm, bacon... And healthy... Win win :-D

Seaweed that tastes like… bacon, because science


Oregon State University has come up with a seaweed superfood that tastes exactly like bacon – but is still high in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants
+SUSE and +ARM
Naji Almahmoud

SUSE Launches Partner Program to Bring SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 to 64-bit ARM Processors | SUSE

SUSE® today announced partner program expansion to include support for 64-bit ARM server processors. This expansion makes available to partners a version of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 that allows them to develop, test and deliver products to the market using 64-bit ARM chips from vendors including ...
First milestone of completely new +openSUSE Leap 42
Richard Brown
The first Development Milestone builds of +openSUSE Leap 42.1 are being tested in openQA at

If you want to download the ISO and test it yourself, it's available in the 'Logs & Assets' screen of any finished openQA test (Click on the Red or Green circles)
openQA: Test summary

openQA is a testing framework mainly for distributions
Yet another abuse of DMCA

'Sunday Times' Files DMCA Takedown Against 'The Intercept' | FOSS Force


Yesterday’s ‘Sunday Times’ front page.The Rupert Murdoch controlled Sunday Times of London finds itself embroiled in controversy today, over both a front page article that appeared in the paper yesterday and a related DMCA Notice it issued against the U.S. based [...] Continue reading ‘Sunday Times’ Files DMCA Takedown Against ‘The Intercept’
Just a warning for people using +Samsung SSD 
Jools Wills
Woke up today with completely trashed filesystem on desktop. Spending Birthday re-installing... Thanks Samsung - (A bug in their recent SSD firmware for 840 evo)
"As Linux is open source and can be modified by anyone, we do not support Linux. We advise users to disable Queued TRIM in Linux, as doing so will allow Sequential TRIM to run in the OS. .... and have a good day"
Will be my last Samsung SSD bought that's for sure - the firmware update was to workaround another issue with performance degradation... :/
Bug #1449005 “trim does not work with Samsung 840 EVO after firm...” : Bugs : fstrim package : Ubuntu
Cool movie to watch!
Dan Vrátil
O-M-G IT'S FINALLY HERE! :-O \o/ It's even more 80's then 80's themselves :-D

Also, my problem with movies for this weekend is solved. /me needs more 80's action!

KUNG FURY Official Movie [HD] by LaserUnicorns on YouTube
Anybody interested in internship? Working in small village just outside of Prague, plenty of fresh air, wild animals and stuff. But seriously, we are looking for somebody and we have plenty of toys, we have electricity and computers as well :-B And job can be interesting and in the team I work in it would involve Linux, open source and C/C++

Summer Internship - Eaton European Innovation Center


Eaton is a power management company providing energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical(hydraulic and mechanical power(A global technology leader(Eaton acquired Cooper Industries plc in November 2012(The 2012 re
Sad :-(
Luca Beltrame
If you haven't done so already: get off SourceForge *NOW*!
SourceForge grabs GIMP for Windows’ account, wraps installer in bundle-pushing adware [Updated]


SourceForge says account was abandoned; they were just giving it some (revenue-enhancing) love.
Really cool!!!
Thank you to all the people in Indonesia who help improve #education by using open source - When we adapt, children succeed. +The Linux Foundation  +SUSE 
Thank you to all the people in Indonesia who help improve #education by using open source - When we adapt, children succeed. +The Linux Foundation  +SUSE 
(cs) Den otevrenych dveri v prazskem SUSE se blizi!

Den otevřených dveří v SUSE


Zranitelnost pojmenovaná Logjam se týká protokolu Transport Layer Security (TLS) a může být zneužita v pozici Man-In-the-Middle (MitM) k downgradu na 512-bit klíč. Útočník může využít chybu ke čtení šifrovaných dat, případně k manipulaci s těmito daty. GnuTLS je v pořádku. [CSIRT.CZ] ...
Richard Brown
My presentation from +openSUSE conference 2015 is live, where I propose using the recently released +SUSE Linux Enterprise sources as an opportunity to redefine the openSUSE Regular Release in an effort to build Stable Linux release that covers the needs of its users as well as Tumbleweed covers the needs of those who want new versions of everything, regularly. Please join the discussion on the mailinglist :)

osc15 - Richard Brown - The Future is unwritten by openSUSE on YouTube
Added photos to openSUSE Conference.
Richard Brown was tagged in Michal Hrušecký's album.

Join us at +openSUSE Conference!!!
Hans de Raad
We have over 225 registered attendees for +openSUSE Conference and Community Summit, that's awesome! But we still have some room left, so please, spread the word and help us to bring more people to The Hague from 1-4 May 2015!
Jos Poortvliet
"If you bought it, you should own it—simple as that. It’s time corporate lawyers left the bullshit to the farmers, who actually need it."

We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership

Greg Kroah-Hartman
I see more and more projects doing the "curl | sudo bash" method of installing something.  Not good on huge number of levels.  This is a good rant of people doing this for containers.

Yes, I know docker doesn't support signed images yet, hopefully that will happen someday...
The sad state of sysadmin in the age of containers

None of these "fancy" tools still builds by a traditional make command. Every tool has to come up with their own, incomptaible, and non-portable "method of the day" of building. And since nobody is still able to compile things from scratch, everybody just downloads precompiled binaries from ...
GIMP Magazine
GIMP Magazine - Issue #11 has just arrived.  Download it for FREE at  Please re-share this!

GIMP Magazine - Issue #11 has just arrived.  Download it for FREE at  Please re-share this!
+SUSE/+openSUSE  #Hackweek is over, it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!!!
Who is coming?
Hans de Raad
The openSUSE Conference 2015 will bring together a wide variety of Free & Open Source contributors to collaborate on one of the major Linux distribution projects.
1-4 May 2015
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